Dear Volunteers, Participants and Friends of the Adaptive Sports Foundation,

Following the press conference held by the Government of Quebec on Wednesday, January 6, 2021, all activities sanctioned by the ASF are now suspended for a minimum of one month. This essential pause in our activities will allow us to comply with the new restrictions and public health guidelines. Our government, like the ASF, recognizes the importance of sport in maintaining physical and mental health. However, sports activities are currently permitted as long as physical distancing is maintained and the activities are practiced within the participants family bubble or individually. All ski lessons, including private lessons, are currently prohibited. The proximity necessary to safely practice adaptive sports activities does not allow these measures to be respected.

Having said that, after extensive preparation we were ready to resume activities and it is with even more enthusiasm that we will reconvene as soon as the situation permits. We would like to say thank you to all the volunteers who answered the call and to our participants who registered. We will keep you informed of further developments. We invite you to stay tuned for updates and in touch with our beautiful community of adaptive sports on our social media platforms.

To the large ASF family, we would like you to start this year by finding opportunities to enjoy the outdoors alone or with your loved ones, in complete safety.


The Adaptive Sports Foundation Team