ASF at Bromont Ultra

October 7th 2023!
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2023 Edition

For the last nine years, the Adaptive Sports Foundation (ASF) has offered people with disabilities the opportunity to participate in a major trail running event called the Bromont Ultra (BU). Organized by Événements Ultra Don since 2014, the BU has become an international race, offering the ASF the opportunity each year to raise significant funds for its mission.

ASF at Bromont Ultra

Offer an unforgettable experience.

The Bromont Ultra edition scheduled for October 7, 2023 promises a unique experience. In a team of 8 runners, you will embark on a 6 km course through the trails while pushing, pulling and accompanying a person with reduced mobility in a “Dahü”, a chair specially designed for trail running. This initiative allows people with disabilities to experience an exciting sporting adventure in the heart of nature.

The event will take place throughout the day on October 7, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Teams will strive to loop the course tirelessly in order to accumulate as many laps as possible. Three Dahüs will be available on the course all day so that as many participants as possible can take part.

An ASF “Base Camp” for greater comfort and enjoyment.

The event site will have an “ASF Base Camp” equipped with shelters, adapted toilets, and even a fire pit for a giant campfire reserved for the Base Camp. This friendly and warm atmosphere will create an ideal setting to experience the atmosphere of the race in all its splendor, all in a spirit of inclusion.

Finally, you have the possibility of sharing a link with your network to allow those around you to support your participation in the Bromont Ultra. Each donation received will help strengthen the mission of the Adaptive Sports Foundation and offer more people with disabilities the chance to live this exceptional experience. The 2023 edition of the BU promises to be a memorable sporting event, where surpassing oneself and solidarity are in the spotlight.


Bomont Ultra 2022 pictures by Diane Norwood
Bomont Ultra 2022 pictures by Caroline Viens