Activities we offer in summer

Starts in summer 2023

Tandem paracycling

The tandem bike is suitable for people living with a visual disability as well as people with certain functional limitations.

Do not hesitate to explore the possibility of trying out an adapted bike of a different kind. We want the para-cycling experience to be enjoyable and memorable for you.

Paracycling adapted bikes

There are several kinds of para-cycling equipment. Recumbent bikes that are "pedaled" with the hands, recumbent bikes propelled by the feet, adapted tricycles and adapted mountain bikes. 

Different equipment is suitable for different people with different functional limitations.

Paranordic skiing on wheels

Para-Nordic ski sleds allow you to propel yourself using cross-country ski poles on an asphalt bike path and enjoy a pleasant workout that will keep you active and healthy until the snow returns!

Stand up paddle board (SUP)

In collaboration with the O'sijja organization, you will have the opportunity to participate with the ASF in 3 paddle board outings in the Estrie region.

Other activities are offered directly with O'sijja and through the ASF Mobile Unit

Contact us to organize an activity alone or in a group.


At the ASF Adapted Kayaking Program, we support, encourage and provide opportunities for people with physical disabilities to enjoy a pleasant time on the calm waters of Quebec. We aim to allow participants to move independently through their own effort.

Contact us to organize an activity alone or in a group.

Ski nautique adapté

The ASF offers two nautical programs:  "Initiation to adapted water sports" and “Elite water skiing”.   « Initiation aux sports nautiques adaptés » et The ASF offers two nautical programs:

These programs allow athletes of all levels to participate in adapted water sports.

You will sometimes have the chance to do other aquatic activities between the water skiing outings such as kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding and pontoon outings.


The Dahü, our adapted wheelchair specially designed to circulate in mountainous terrain, promotes teamwork and strengthens the relationships between the people who participate. The participant with reduced mobility in the Dahü can help his team by guiding it in the mountainous terrain and even participate in the effort using sticks if his condition allows it.

Cities and organizations that obtain a Dahü agree to lend them free of charge to people with reduced mobility. The ASF coordinates the availability of volunteers and ensures a safe outing in a rejuvenating outdoor environment.

Adapted horse riding

Thanks to the Hippo-lib saddle adaptations and in collaboration with the equestrian center of Mrs. Josée Durand, the FSA is resuming the adapted riding program this year, to the delight of our passionate volunteers!

Adapted mountain biking

This new program was initiated by the organization Les Amis des Sentiers de Bromont, with the participation and a grant from Kéroul. This funded the acquisition of two electrically assisted mountain bikes.

Thanks to these bikes, a large part of the trails (150 km) in Bromont, operated and maintained by Les Amis des Sentiers, will now be accessible to people with physical disabilities. The objective is to allow them to enjoy an outdoor sport and  the beauties that nature offers us. 


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Rock climbing

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