Activities we offer in winter

Adapted alpine skiing

Since 1995, the ASF has welcomed hundreds of participants to its adapted alpine ski program at the Owl's Head ski resort in Mansonville. A second permanent site has been set up at Le Relais ski resort in the National Capital Region.

Thanks to the collaboration of the Association des stations de ski du Québec (ASSQ), more people can now learn about adapted alpine skiing.

Paranordic skiing

For a fourth winter, the ASF is offering Paranordic skiing. Sitting in a lightweight sled mounted on cross-country skis, you'll practice this sport of gliding and endurance on the cross-country ski trails. 

The skills required of our participants are: 

  • Good cardiovascular condition.
  • Seated balance.
  • Muscle tone and strength in the arms.
  • Motor coordination.
  • Weighing 200 lbs or less
  • Maximum hip width 17 in.

 Every Friday afternoon at Sépaq Orford, from January 12 to March 15, 2024.

Nordic para skate

Adapted cross-country ski sledges are equipped with a removable base that allows you to install a base with skate blades to practice adapted ice skating.

Imagine skiing in the morning and skating in the afternoon! This is now possible.

For a school outing, for a family evening, with our volunteer guides, we will give you the starting push to practice this sport in complete safety.

To rent or reserve Paranordic luge with skates or skis, contact and see how we can help you with your project.