Program for veterans

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Veterans have a very unique transition to civilian life. The ASF offers sports activities to act on the health of all veterans, with or without a disability.
Whether you are in service approaching your transition, or already retired, the FSA has something to motivate you!

The objective is to encourage you to break out of isolation, acquire new sports skills at your own pace, regain self-esteem, socialize, improve your quality of life. All activities are offered in a friendly and respectful environment, free of charge. All activities are offered in a friendly and respectful environment, free of charge.

Come live a unique experience by practicing one of the favorite sports of the FSA, whether you have a physical limitation requiring adaptation, or not.

If you feel like it, perhaps you will find an interest in becoming a regular volunteer for the ASF and helping people living with a physical disability to practice one of the nine adapted sports offered as part of our regular programs. It must be said that a significant proportion of our volunteers are veterans.

Summer program

The summer program is aimed at initiation or improvement during one of the nautical camps focused on adapted water skiing, paddle boarding, kayaking, horseback riding and other opportunities.

The ASF strongly believes that veteran volunteers find a sense of accomplishment and belonging to a mission greater than themselves. You will be free to make this choice.