Throughout the seasons, hundreds of lives are touched by the Adaptive Sports Foundation's Merchants of Happiness. It is with gratitude that these testimonials touch our hearts... and now yours!


My son, following a stroke, has remained handicapped, almost blind and unable to speak, but when he takes part in activities, he experiences wonderful moments that help him get through his difficult life. He always looks forward to the activities and returns happy. The volunteers are simply incredible, smiling and listening, even if Nicolas is not easy to interact with, they address him as if he were their best buddy. I can't thank these people enough for everything they do for Nicolas. Well done to all

Danielle De Villiers

Nicolas's mother, alpine and water ski participant

Thank you so much, you helped my daughter learn to ski and enjoy it. We also had the chance to go on family outings, which was one of our greatest benefits!

Mélissa Harnois

Mother of Aurélie, waterskiing and alpine skiing participant

When I had my accident four and a half years ago, leaving me a quadriplegic, my life was turned upside down. As far back as I can remember, I'd always been a keen sportswoman, but from one day to the next, I was confined to a wheelchair and could hardly move or do any sports. That's when I was introduced to the Adaptive Sports Foundation. Thanks to the Foundation, I can now go mountain running (Dahu) at the Bromont Ultra, water-ski on the Richelieu and ski at Bromont and Owl's Head. It allows me to get back to nature and rediscover my adrenalin. It's my little joy with my friends and family. Every time, the volunteers are great and the equipment is very well adapted. Thank you 1,000 times over for allowing me to experience these little moments of magic!

Marie-Chantale Salvas

Bromont Ultra participant, downhill and water skiing

I particularly appreciated being able to follow a candidate on several sitski outings. Using lanyards on a Dynamic sitski with a trainee requires good synergy between the volunteer and the trainee. Follow-up from outing to outing is definitely beneficial!

Marc-André Gagnon

Volunteer and veteran

Having the chance to go up a mountain and ski back down brings me great pleasure, and for me it means going further. At a time when Quebec is questioning its direction and integration of visible minorities, the Adaptive Sports Foundation, which enables dozens of people with disabilities to practice a sport, proves to me its pioneering role. When I see its smiles and hear its laughter, I perceive more than these, I have the feeling to be in a physical modernity, as much as social. In my opinion, the foundation isn't well enough known. Many people would benefit from knowing about it, not only to be part of it, but also to realize their potential. Having cerebral palsy, I have my limits, but it's a pleasure to go beyond them to achieve an accomplishment that is all too common considering my condition. On a slope, I'm bound to fall once or twice, even more, but I practically end my day with the feeling that I'm not a burden on my community.

Surrounded by two or three kind-hearted volunteers, adaptive skiing has always found the best way for me to have as much fun as possible. It's the feeling I get when I stand on my snow-glidder, and other young people in my community are doing the same. For me, we're hanging on to more than just skis, we're getting out of our homes to be part of something whole and integrate. The foundation needs you because without it, I don't get out of my comfort zone and don't have the chance to feel that I'm anything other than that. When I go down that little slope reserved for adapted skiing, the weight of my legs and body is no longer there, and that's one of the greatest gifts anyone can give me.

I don't know if any money will come out of your wallet for the foundation, but I invite you to come and meet us, and experience a great deal of pleasure with us. We don't choose who we are, but we can decide who we become. Hopefully, you'll see more of it and be able to say it's all thanks to you.

Alexandre Vallerand

Alpine skiing participant

Skiing has always been a part of my life, but unfortunately over the last 5 years I've lost my balance and had to give up getting on skis. Above all, I missed the feeling of freedom you get when hurtling down the slopes. Luckily, the Adaptive Sports Foundation allows me to forget my disability and rediscover some of the pleasures of winter. What's more, I really appreciate the great experience and kindness of the volunteers. I'm already looking forward to skiing next season, and I hope the FSA lasts a long time.

Antoine Robert

Alpine skiing participant

In April 2007, my life took a completely unexpected turn when I suffered a severe stroke due to a carotid dissection. I have to admit to myself that I showed a lot of resilience, but I also have to say that I greatly missed the joy of the outdoors and its sportier activities. In 2017, while searching the internet for something to propel me back into action, I came across the Adaptive Sports Foundation website. This discovery changed my life for the better. This foundation is SO close to my heart, because all the people involved are extraordinary people whose main concern is to bring happiness to the participants..... and I can tell you that they succeed with flying colours. Giving to the Foundation means that people can realize their full potential and no longer feel excluded, sentences with, you can't, we don't hear that with them. Long live the Foundation! Steve, you and all your gang (employees and volunteers alike) have put me back on the map, and I'll never forget that. Sincerely!

Esther Morissette

Participating in water skiing, downhill skiing and the Bromont Ultra

My son has a mild intellectual disability. He can stand but his lack of coordination prevents him from skiing. For the first time we were able to have fun as a family on the slopes of Bromont. We really hope to repeat the experience next year.

Hélène Ferland

Mother of Justin

The foundation's volunteers made what we never thought possible possible. With their experience and guidance they taught our daughter stand-up skiing, something we would never have dared or had the resources to try. She was proud of herself, loved the experience and we got to ski as a family 🙂

Cloée Lamarre

Mother of a happy skier

Being on the water and doing the waterskiing, I feel free, I feel like a fish taking flight. I have a lot of fun with the volunteers too, I feel important and able to do summer sports like everyone else. It makes for a very interesting summer. Thanks to all of you.

Marc Olivier Lapointe

Participating in downhill skiing, water skiing and kayaking